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Hula Hoop Game

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Hula hoop game. It is good to see kids getting back to backyards and having fun with tricks that were once a part of the game. Have everyone hold hands and stand in a line or circle. 10 hula hoop activities for physical education. Hoop obstacle course set up several hula hoops in a variety of shapes or patterns.

Running jumping balance 5. In a fast paced and overtly competitive world a few easy takes is not a bad idea to start with. To start the game loop the hoop over a players arm. Hula hoop team link.

Spray paint your box of large washers to match the colors of your hula hoops we used red pink aqua and purple. Combine them to make one extreme challenge. Once dry mix them up all together in a bucket. It is due to its novelty in this day and age that fun loving games have become tricks to lure kids to have fun keeping proximity with nature.

Team size about 10 people or more 2 groups materials required two hula hoops one. They can be used as great team building activities. 10 hula hoop games and activities. This hula hoop game is great for picnics recess or birthday parties where you have a whole group of attendees.

Before you or the kids know it youll have a great hula hoop work out and sneak in some exercise too. Lay out a hula hoop in each color and set the bucket 10 15 yards away. The aim of this fun team game is to pass a hula hoop through your team by climbing in and out of it without breaking the team link. Start by standing side by side holding hands.

A group starts in one spot and must cross over to the last hoop where everyone must get on the island or perish. Hula crossing all aboard this last one is a combination of two previous challenges. Play the dolphin game my husband loves to play this game with the. Description hula hoop chain is an icebreaker game where participants have to attempt to weave a hoola hoop through a series of connected bodies in the shortest time possible.

Hula hoop games are your kids best companions. Begin to pass the hoop but if you break the link you must start again. Hoops are a great choice for teachers because they are inexpensive and versatile making them perfect for many. Kids can run from hoop to hoop or jump inout of the hoops.

Hula hoops are popular in many games and activities whether it is a warm up activity for pe part of a lesson plan for students or a themed activity to keep kids active.